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This website has been set up to help anyone affected by the current bushfire affecting Australia. Whether you’re being directly affected by the bushfire or what to find out a way to help, this website will give you everything you need whether it be wanting to donate or volunteer. The bushfire has impacted so many people in Australia, so any help is greatly appreciated. In the future, this website will be updated to reflect any further natural disasters that affect or impact Australia.


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Australian Bushfire 2019/2020 Timeline

“To put it in perspective, in the past few years we have had a total area burned for the whole season of about 280,000 hectares. This year we’re at 3.41 million and we’re only halfway through the season”

– RFS Spokeswoman Angela Burford on Australia’s Bushfire season

Australian Bushfire 2019/2020 Facts

It is estimated that 480 million mammals, reptiles and birds have been killed by these fires. It is estimated that there was an average 17.5 mammals, 20.7 birds and 129.5 reptiles per hectare (as reported by BBC News). The figure is only expected to rise as the bushfires continue to ravage Australia. Of course, many of these animals may have been able to flee the area. A lot of the smaller creatures were left to suffer, as they would not have been able to outrun the flames. Kangaroos were able to hop away, but animals such as the Koala could only move so far. A lot of the donation links on the donation page can help assist local wildlife organisations look after injured animals.


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