Donation Sites

A lot of people want to donate to help alleviate the pressures of the bushfire disaster. It’s important to find an organisation that helps the community. Our goal was to take out the guesswork! Our research ensures that the donations will be going directly to the source. This means there will be no middleman when giving donations!

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Community and Volunteers

  • Bushfire Disaster Fund: VIC Emergency and the Bendigo Bank have established the Bushfire Disaster Fund. This helps distribute and allocate money to the areas where it is needed most. You can donate at any Bendigo Bank or visit the website.
  • Red Cross Disaster Relief: The Red Cross Disaster Relief is focusing on the evacuation of peoples. They also assist by helping them in evacuation centres.
  • Salvation Army Disaster Appeal: The Salvation Army focuses on distributing food to the tireless workers fighting the fires. In addition, they will assist the affected victims.
  • Country Fire Authority: The Country Fire Authority of Victoria asks people to donate either to the BDA or directly to the CFA. The funds raised help the community members located in East Gippsland and Hume. In other words, this charity will ensure your donation goes directly to the people affected by the fires.
  • Foodbank: FoodBank will be getting food into the fire affected regions. Firstly, they’ll make sure their hunger and thirst is satisfied. Secondly, they’ll turn their attention to ensuring they have a home to go to. Thirdly, they’ll allocate the remaining money as needed.
  • Saint Vincent De Paul Society: A bushfire appeal has been established by SVDP. In addition, they’ll be utilising their existing resources.

Animals and Nature

  • Wildlife Victoria: With an estimated 500 million animals killed by the fire, it is important to focus on wildlife protection. Your donation to Wildlife Victoria will be used to keep the Wildlife Emergency Response Service operating. This will help to train and support people to respond to bushfire emergencies. In addition, it will help educate the Australian public on how to treat animals during bushfires.
  • Buy A Bale: The fires wiped out an incredible amount of land, therefore a lot of livestock will not have access to any food.
  • WIRES: The Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service helps treat the displaced and injured livestock. Overall, WIRES is making sure that any further problems are avoided.

GoFundMe Links

In this section, you’ll find donation pages that have been set up in direct response to a particular crisis.

  • Port Macquarie Koala Hospital: Donating to this cause will directly help the koala hospital located in Port Macquarie. It has been overwhelmed with donations, and is a great way to donate. Choose this charity If you want your money to be used by a local organisation.
  • Southern Cross Wildlife Care: Koala’s feature prominently in global media, but there are many other Australian animals affected by the fires. Due to all these donations, the animal hospital will be able to care for all the animals impacted by the fires. Without support, they wouldn’t be able to care for them all.
  • Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park: Similar to the Southern Cross Wildlife Care GoFundMe, this will directly fund the treatment of injured animals which will include pain relief, antibiotics and treatments.

In conclusion, there are so many powerful charities and organisations to choose from. If you want more information outlining the impacts of the fire, check out our blog post about how to assist with wildlife. After that, look at our Resources and Support pages.

Note: If you are on mobile, the text in red is a link to the website