Relief Events in Australia

There are a lot of bushfire relief events around Australia. Consequently, there are a few things we have done. Firstly, we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the coolest events. Secondly, we provided some links to ticket sales websites who are supporting events. Links are provided to ensure that all events are accounted for.

Event websites

There are a lot of relief events. Therefore, we have compiled a list of news articles to help find current events. This list will be updated to show all types of climate change events and disaster relief fundraisers. Below are some news articles and event websites. For example, we refer to Ticketmaster and Ticketek.

In conclusion, the bushfires have had a terrible effect on Australia. Firstly, many homes have been destroyed and lives have been lost. Secondly, local wildlife has been devastated. For more information, please visit our Resources, Support and Donate pages. In addition, visit our recent blog post on how to help wildlife.