Australian Bushfires: How You Can Help Support Relief Efforts Through Shopping

A direct donation is the most effective way to support relief efforts. However, there are other ways you can help. Firstly, many businesses are donating profits of sales. Secondly, they’re helping grow social movements. Using these sites to purchase items for yourself or gifts is a great way to ensure support. Furthermore, it may be an excuse to buy yourself something new. 

Shops Supporting Bushfire Relief

Other things you can do

Many local cafes and restaurants donate their tip money during times of disaster. Many are donating money to the many bushfire appeals. Donation tins can be located around your country. Consequently, this makes it easier to donate whatever spare change you have. You can support relief efforts by doing anything.

More Shops Supporting Bushfire Relief


In conclusion, companies helped raise funds for many bushfire relief schemes. They created platforms for people to give generously. Donations are being used by places like Koala hospitals and recovery services. For more information, please visit our other pages such as Resources, Support and Donate.