About Bushfiresupport

This website was designed, developed and published by Launchpad App Development within a day. We found there wasn’t one sute that contained all available information for locals and the international community. We wanted a website that could help people no matter what their current situation is, especially in times of disaster and uncertainty. To find our more about who we are please visit our website to find out more. Alternatively, visit our LinkedIn account to see how social media posts.

Why we made this site

We wanted to help as much as possible. Firstly, we wanted to utilise our skillsets. Secondly, we wanted to influence as many people as possible. This website is privately created. All we want to do is raise awareness and assist the people who face these natural disasters head on. This website contains donation links to reputable sites where your donation impacts their actions. Additionally, it contains support articles if you want to help as well as a consolidated resource centre where you can access information on natural disasters.

About Launchpad App Development

Launchpad App Development turns innovative ideas into successful apps. We do this by providing a holistic range of services including app development, commercialisation consulting and ongoing support, providing a turnkey solution to building tech startups. We specialise in designing outstanding digital experiences that engage users so you can generate revenue faster. Click here to view our projects. We take great pride on our work. Please feel free to contact us whenever you want to.