Here are some resources to support the bushfire efforts:

NSW Rural Fire Service

If you’re based in New South Wales, then the NSW Rural Fire Service provides the best resources to help you act, react and respond to any potentially distressing fire news. Posted below are some free resources provided by NSW Rural Fire Service:

Current Fires and Tracking

Fires constantly ravage Australia. It is important to be aware of where fires are and how they are spreading. Below are some resources for live fire tracking websites that can help people in time of need:

Fire Prevention Strategy

The NSW Police Force, Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW Rural Fire Service have developed a list of preventative measures to reduce the risk of fires. Although some fires are caused by natural causes, some fires can be caused by arson and human activity (i.e., dropping cigarette butts out of a car window). The toolkit (available for download) has the necessary tools to ensure you’re acting in accordance with fire prevention strategies.

Defending your property

If you choose to stay and defend your property, you need to ensure you’re following the best practices. CFA Victoria recommends that you have at least 2 able-bodied, fit and determined adults who are physically and mentally prepared to work in torturous conditions. The CFA Victoria website has ample information and resources to ensure you protect your house in the best possible manner.