How to support communities and wildlife affected by natural disasters

A lot of people want to support and help the fire fighting efforts. Support doesn’t have to come in the form of donations. Support can be in the form of spreading a social media post. Alternatively, it can be just discussing it with a friend. Any form of action will go a long way for those affected by the bushfires.

Donation of goods to charities like Givit

Charities such as Givit specialise in goods, but act as a “broker” to avoid giving people unwanted items. The exact items you can purchase are mentioned on the website. Therefore, they ensure people get the items they need. Although the website traditionally asks users to drop off the items needed. Therefore, spokespeople have said that it can actually hinder efforts. It is asked that you drop them off wherever necessary.


BlazeAid are a volunteer based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia. Volunteers not only help in the immediate after effects of a natural disaster, but can also help improve the morale and mood of locals affected. The 2019/2020 Australian Bushfire season has proved a major issue for many people living in rural Australia and it can be assured that BlazeAid will be there supporting the recovery efforts. If you are unable to physically volunteer, you can donate to BlazeAid directly by clicking this link or you can share the works of BlazeAid.

Donate to affected community halls

During bushfires, there will often be a large amount of displaced people. An article by ABC, shows that people had been donating directly to the fire affected areas and helped stock community halls where people who have lost their homes will stay. Companies like BK 2 Basics has been making lollies and snack packs for emergency service workers to keep them going.

Rural Fire Services

It is crucial for all people, especially those living in high risk fire zones, to be aware of who to turn to in case of fire emergency. There are numerous ways you can assist those battling these terrible blazes. Donations are crucial and always welcome. However, there are other ways to help such as volunteering for your local brigade. Below is a list of all the websites for state regional fire services contain vital information in regards to fire updates, hazard reductions, how to respond in an emergency, details on your local brigade and much more. Alternatively, if you want to support you can visit our donation page. 

Share posts on social media

If you’re unable to donate or volunteer, it is important to share important links on your social media accounts. Sharing links over social media can help give charities exposure which can allow them to gain more donations and supporters. Sharing is simple. All you have to do is find a post that resonates with you and then all your friends and family will see a cause you’re worried about. Sharing posts is something that everyone can do. Whether you have 5 friends or 500, every person reached counts. The power of social media sharing is mentioned in this article by the Guardian, which highlights how Celeste Barber’s Facebook fundraiser gained more that $20,000,000 in donations.

In conclusion, you don’t have to donate money to be involved. Just having the power to spread messages across social media is enough to have an impact. Firstly, it shows your friends that you care. Secondly, you can create a lasting impact on your social network. Thirdly, you can help important messages reach people who can make impacts too.